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About Us

This is a story of friendship, friendship between two dogs and their owners. As the friendship grew, they began to realize they shared similar goals. The goal of helping others achieve what they had with their dogs. They wanted to teach others how to better communicate with their dogs and how to just have fun. They wanted dogs to learn because they love training and their owner!

We use 100% positive reinforcement to help owners and their dog better communicate and create a stronger bond. We want for you to have fun with your dog and create a lasting friendship that brought this company together. 


In Home


In home training is great for those struggling with specific challenges inside the home and want one on one training for you and your dog. 

Private Classes

Private classes are available to create a program specially tailored for your dog. 

Board and Train

Board and train is a program for extensive, intense one-on-one training. Board and train has limited availability. 


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Happy"

We had two big, unruly, incredibly loving Great Danes and Alicia was able to help us get to a place where they were happy and we were happy all living together. We're able to walk them, have people over, and just enjoy being together without a bunch of craziness. We did a board and train session with them and it was worth every penny. I highly recommend them!! - Evie C.

"Much Better Now"

Alicia helped my 1 year old mini goldendoodle and I work through issues with resource guarding. Since then, my dog has been through Intermediate Obedience, Therapy Dog Training, and Advanced Obedience with Alicia and Andrew. My 6 month old recently graduated from Beginner Obedience. I look forward to continuing their education and mine with Dog Training Pluto's Way. Being a mom to such smart, high-energy dogs is so much better when I know how to work their minds and bodies! - Joy M.  


Alicia is an amazing trainer. She is willing to help you with any questions you have and is always making sure that you walk away with the most from the class. Even though it is really for the pups, I learned a lot as well. Chloe loved going there every week and we can't wait to start the intermediate class! 

Matthew D.  





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